11 July 2013

Seva - June 13th - Amrita centre Kenya

In preparation for our beloved Guruji's Appearance Day on 13th June,we the SVSS Kenya group decided to start with seva at "Amrita centre Kenya" Nairobi.

This home feeds about 250 children from 2 years to 12 years of age.

We sang with them but their happiest moments were when they received the "treat box"filled with cake,biscuits,crisps besides the regular food of rice and beans curry.

The smile on their face made our day special and blessed as we all realised the Grace of our Guruji on each one of us.

After every seva the mood of the volunteers become more somber because each one of us feel and value what we take for granted in our lives!!!

On the 13th June we did "Guru Charan Pooja"had a satsang,cake cutting which was blessed by sindoor and vibhuti and then Bhog also blessed by vibhuti.

It always makes us realise the very special blessing that Guruji has bestowed on us,devotees here in Nairobi.

The celebration continued and on 16th June we had mega celebration at one of the Temple in Nairobi.
We had om healing circle,satsang,talk by Swami vishwaramananda ,Aarti ,cake cutting and then Maha-Prasad.

Our Koti-Koti Pranam At Our Beloved Guruji's Lotus-Feet.

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