Hiranyagarba lingam in Kenya

Swami vishwananda Kenya seva society hosted a mahalaxmi pooja at a devotee's house where Swami vishwananda manifested a hiranyagarba lingam.
The Hiranyagarba lingam is the primordial creation of God, it is His will itself. The whole universe is inside of it. We all are inside of it.   
The lingam will reflect on the world itself, not only on this centre. It has a lot of healing qualities. It does not only help to heal the physical level, but it heals the soul itself. You might be wondering how the soul can be affected at all, because it is pure and divine. That is true. But all the karmic things around the soul from many lifetimes are suffocating the soul. You all here have done really good things, otherwise you would not be here.

Jai GuruDev