22 February 2011

Seva Updates


We will be celebrating one year since swamiji had arrived in Kenya in March 2010.

 Since his arrival we have had the following milestones;
o    Registration and incorporation  of Swami Vishwananda Seva society

o    At least 20-40 individuals actively involved in our seva programs who have coordinated at least 10 sevas in 2010.

o    Santusta recently traveled to South Africa and has had the blessings of Swamiji to start OM HEALING in Kenya. The group will be mentored through the courses.

At our temple, we started a new intiative of feeding children and people from our neighbourhood every thursday.
Food (bhog as we say) is offered and blessed by Baba. After which bhajan and prayers commence.

 Jai Gurudev.

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