22 February 2011

February Seva


Swami Vishwananda Seva Society did a seva yesterday at joy town primary school which is based in
thika. This school has about 400 children suffering from either mentally challenged or physical
The seva group bought bread, juice, sweets, milk and clothes for the children. We received donations from
Canada which was equivalent to Ksh 15,000. The donations were through individuals and collected by
The children were so happy and excited to have us there. We have done almost 4 seva in this place since last
year. It was beautiful to receive this love from them.
Just before we had this seva, someone popped this question to me - What do we mean by seva? And it made
me wonder!!
Seva actually is to serve all selflessly, with love just as you would serve the divine because he lives in all of
us. It could be from making someone smile to sending healing!!
When we visited the children, so many thoughts run through the mind, that how the grace of the divine has
been with us that we are so blessed to at least be in a state that we can understand the gift of life. Yet, we are
always unsettled, we want more? We never satisfied. Then what would I say about the kids?
We request all those who will read this report, to take a moment, and visualize these children and pray for
them to heal. Take a moment to reflect your life, and feel the grace of God that has always been there with

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