11 January 2011


Without Pain, one does not realise the value of pleasure. The value of light can be realised only when there is darkness. This message of truth must be taught to the entire world, as it was the teachings of Jesus. One has to overcome difficulties to be successful in life.

What is happiness? True happiness is that which is related to God
The yearning for bliss is the best proof of our holy nature.
Man is bliss; he seeks bliss and bliss is blessedness for him.
Since God is bliss, hapiness is union with God.Nothing else can award that joy which is unaffected by whatever happens or does not happen.

Never feel depressed when you are weighed down by difficulties. Difficulties are part and parcel of the lives of great devotees. God Subjects his devotees to tests so that their faith in Him can be strengthened and their hearts purified .

God can never impose suffering on you that you cannot bear.

Difficulties are meant for cleansing the vessel of your heart.

Do not be afraid of difficulties as they are pass clouds; and do not waver.
Follow your heart with a steady faith.

-------Sri Sathya Saibaba-----------

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