22 June 2015

Sri Swami Vishwananda Jayanti - 13 June 2015

"Jai Gurudev, 13th June, The most Auspicious and Blessed day for Devotees of Sri Swami Vishwananda. As the rest of the BM world celebrated, we all at Nairobi-Kenya also came together as Bhakti Marga Kenya Spiritual Family.

There were more than 70 people, most of them devotees and some whose life Swami had touched somehow.

It all started with Guru Paduka Puja followed by OM Healing, sharing of Experiences by Devotees, A very Rocking Kirtan by our very own home band Bhakti Sounds Kenya, Aarti, Cake cutting and then Mahaprasad.
What was very beautiful is when Devotees shared their experiences. It only reflected Guruji's Love and Humility.

Each devotee said something different but all we could feel was Guruji's Love, Grace and Humility.
If only we can practice it our everyday life. Guruji showed us that day, if our intention are pure He always Provides. We didn't have sufficient funds to organize the program but everything was taken care of as 13th June approached and we had a beautifully successful celebration.
Thank you Guruji.
At your Lotus Feet in Gratitude and Prayer"

~ Shubhra Sen (BMCCD Kenya)

Some moments from the Divine evening:

Paduka Puja

OM Healing

Sharing Experiences

Kirtan by Bhakti Sounds Kenya


Cake Cutting


Satguru Sri Swami Vishwananda Mahaprabhu ki Jai!

~ Always at HIS Lotus Feet ~
♥ Much Love ♥

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