27 February 2015

Seva at Bethsaida Home - 25th January 2015

The first Seva for the year 2015 in Nairobi took place on 25th January at the Bethsaida Community home in Githurai town that is being run by Mr. Hika Kamau – An Executive Director of the Bethsaida Community.

Bethsaida Social Community Centre is a nonprofit making organization for street children, orphaned, vulnerable, abandoned youth, women, abused desperate neglected children and widows regardless of their religion, gender, color or tribe.

Through parental love, rehabilitation and offering formal and non-formal education to nourish their potential capabilities and personal capacity building, through a myriad of activities of talent search and nurture such as sports, empowerment initiatives projects, psychological support, vocational training, rehabilitation & health, Bethsaida is catering for the unfortunate.

The population data at Bethsaida is as follows:

Pre- School 18 boys and 32 Girls
Std 1 - 11 boys and 12 girls
Std 2 - 12 boys and 8 girls
Std 3 - 10 boys and 7 girls
Std 4 - 9 boys and 7 girls
Std 5 - 8 boys and 12 girls
Std 6 - 6 boys and 7 girls
Std 7 - 8 boys and 6 girls

Total - 173 Children

From the above, 33 children stay at this home permanently while the other students go back home after schools hours.

Their main challenges include:

1. Food to feed the children
2. Shoes, Uniform and Clothes
3. Lack of Teachers
4. Books / Library
5. Sanitary Towels
6. Teaching facilities i.e. classrooms, desks, chairs and space
7. Sleeping facilities

In the little land space that Bethsaida has, they have constructed a small dormitory that sleeps 33 children, which is located on top of the manmade brick walled small classrooms with little space and no doors. They cannot accommodate to teach all the classes at the same time due to lack of classroom space.

During the Seva, the beautiful children of Bethsaida Home entertained the Bhakti Marga Kenya members, showed us their dancing and singing skills and their appreciation for the donations. 

We served the children with food, sang, danced and prayed with them and left after a few hours of joy.

Some of the donations made by Our team to Bethsaida home include Flour, Rice, Grams, Beans, Cooking Oil, Tea leaves, Biscuits, Sugar, Toilet Paper, Candles, Washing Soaps & detergents, old books, used clothes etc.

We look forward to visiting Bethsaida home again, in the future.

For more Photographs, please visit our Flickr Page by clicking on the link below:

(write-up by Komal Shah - Country Seva Coordinator)

Satguru Sri Swami Vishwananda Mahaprabhu ki Jai!
Mahavatar Kriya Babaji Ki Jai!

~ Always at HIS Lotus Feet ~
♥ Much Love ♥

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