2 September 2014

Darshan with Sri Swami Vishwananda - 21st September 2014, Nairobi, Kenya

“The Master carries the Amrit, the nectar. Even though you don’t perceive it with the mind, what you receive is contributing to your advancement. What you receive, even without knowing, is the Amrit.”
– Sri Swami Vishwananda

Darshan with Sri Swami Vishwananda

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nairobi, Kenya

5:00 pm / Doors open at 4.00 pm

Sri Ram Mandir, Bhandari Road, Parklands - Nairobi - Kenya

The Darshan is free of charge- but we kindly ask you for your Donation (Dakshina) to help in covering the organizational costs.

At the entrance you can find an envelope for your Dakshina/Donation. 

Further informations : 

Throughout the year Swamiji travels the world giving Darshan and spreading the message of Bhakti. His message is very simple: JUST LOVE. His life is dedicated to opening the hearts of people and awakening their innate ability to Love beyond any conditioning. A Love so deep that it cannot be understood by the mind, and yet is the key to realising who we truly are.

The word Darshan is derived from the Sanskrit root “drsh”, which means “sight” or “having a glimpse of” the Divine. To receive a personal blessing (Darshan) from a Realised Master is one of the greatest gifts given to mankind. The Love you feel during Darshan is not something from the outside. It is your own Divinity revealing itself to you. Swamiji’s ability to awaken our inner Light and Love is an immeasurable opportunity for us. It essentially removes all limitations of what we can achieve with this human life. 

After receiving Swamiji’s blessing, he recommends to sit down quietly and to go within. The love that can be felt during Darshan is not something from the outside; it is your very own love. His aim is to awaken the realisation that we all have the same love inside of us, to intensify and become one with it and then to share it with everyone around us. 

Upon receiving Darshan, you will be given prasad, literally meaning a “gracious, blessed gift”, an ancient Hindu tradition distributed in temples or given by the Realised Master, it can be anything although usually something edible. At Swami’s Darshan the prasad also includes a small packet of Vibhuti. Vibhuti is sacred ash, it symbolises the purity of the Self, burning away everything that isn’t the essence. It has healing qualities and can be applied on the body or can be drunk mixed with some water, or applied on the forehead for meditation.

The Darshan programme includes devotional music and songs from various traditions, inspirational talks and, of course, the Darshan blessing itself.

Please find below guidelines that everyone is kindly asked to follow during Darshan:

1. As a sign of respect, please wear discrete clothing

2. Please remove footwear and leave it outside the hall

3. Please take care of personal belongings, as Bhakti Marga cannot be held responsible for them

4. No photos, recordings, animals, or food are allowed in the hall at any time. Phone should be kept on silent during Darshan. 

5. Try to come as close as possible to Swamiji when receiving Darshan so that he does not have to learn forward too much, at the same time please do NOT touch Swami unless invited to do so. 

6. When receiving Darshan please keep eyes open and remove any type of eye wear, in order to receive the full benefit of Swami’s blessing.

7. One may ask Swami a question during Darshan, but he asks that it is kept short. 

8. One may bring items for Swami to bless (i.e., holy statue, photo, mala, book etc…)

Darshan is open to all and free of cost. It is Swamiji’s wish that everyone gets the opportunity to receive Darshan. It is only possible through donations from people that take part in the Events. If you would like to support Swamiji’s work, you can either use the donation boxes provided at the Events are make a contribution through the website. 

Above all, receive with an open heart!

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