19 July 2014

Gurupurnima Seva at St. Luthmer Childrens Home - 13th July 2014

St. Luthmer Childrens Home, located in Ruiru County, Kenya, is a home to 40 children.
They are taken care of by 3 women, who were inspired to start a home together to help and fulfill the needs of these beautiful children.

A team from Bhakti Marga Kenya went to this home to see these children, spread Guruji's Love to them, and give them happiness, even if it was for a few hours.
The smiles on their faces when they saw us and the goodies we took for them were simply priceless!

They welcomed us with a couple of wonderful songs (the videos can be found in the Flickr album - Link is at the end of this post)

They were given hand-loads of sweets, and they were very happy. Some even filled their pockets, and all it gave us was joy to see them so excited.

This little one, so adorable.

Since its worldcup season, we thought of getting them some footballs. Ah, they enjoyed, some played like little stars!

Part of our team were 2 denstists, who did a checkup on each child. Names of those who had some problems were taken down, and it will be followed up so that each gets treated to have a 'Colgate Smile' :D

Except for this little cute one, he was too excited by the sweets, and so he went and hid behind a chair to avoid his teeth from being checked.

It was truly an experience we will take forward with us, and a blessing from Guruji that HE gave us the opportunity to serve these little children of HIS.

Without HIS Grace, nothing is possible.
God is Love, God is Kind.
Be this Love, Be HIS Kind.

For the full photo album and videos, please visit our Flickr page by clicking on the link below:

~ Always at HIS Lotus Feet ~
 Much Love 

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