26 January 2014

BHAJANS FOR THE NEW YEAR, 19th January 2014

"...I'm sure that for the New Year everybody decided, willingly or unwillingly, to change something in their life, isn't it so? You say "It's a new year; I have to do something new! I have to change or get rid of some habit of mine!" It's good to initiate change, but the best change that you can initiate is to trust, to trust in the change, to trust in yourself, firstly, to trust in the Higher Consciounsness that we call God and to know that He is always there for you. No matter what you do, He is there – whether you ask Him or not, whether you are positive or negative – He's there all the time, inside of you. Know that whatever you do, He loves you. He is always next to you like a mother is near her child"


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