1 November 2012

Mama Mboga Initiative

Jai Gurudev,

Every Thursday our mandir in nairobi kenya receives atleast a minimum of 30 mama mbogas to be served lunch.
These ladies are called mama mbogas in our local language which means ladies who walk and sell vegetables home to home. They start their day very early and walk Kilometres to reach to the central location where they route to individual houses and sell vegetables at your door step!

They walk carrying their baskets on their backs every day carrying more than 15kg of vegetables in their baskets to earn their daily living.

Most of them eat once a day so that they can save for their families and to the locals they are known as the most hard working women striving to survive.

The temple started the iniative slowly by serving lunch on Thursday to may be two to three mama mbogas and its grown to almost 25 to 30 ladies.

Our lord has given us the opportunity to serve them lunch every Thursday and we pray that the initiave continues.

We receive donations from various people, to enable us serve them.

With the grace of guruji,we pray that our seva society can share the love and experiences.
Have a Blessed Day.

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