10 September 2012

Abhisekam - SVSS

Today marked one year since Guruji manifested the Hiranyagarbalingam in kenya. 

SVSS Kenya celebrated the day with Abhisekams and singing to Laxmi Maa, Narshima dev, Lord Narayana. A group of devotees gathered at the temple in Nairobi at 11:00am. The abhisekams finished at 1:45pm with loads of singing and sharing in the abhishekam followed by Prasad.

Guruji blessed the  Prasad with Vibhuti and kanku, which was shared by all the devotees.

'' To our Beloved Guruji, who has always shown us his grace in ways that we may not fully comprehend,we wish to take this day and reminisce the moments we had when you were here with us one year ago and gave us all live times opportunity to have darshan of the Hiranyagarbalingam. We ask for forgiveness and pray that we may always remain at your feet.

Sending you loads and loads of love

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  1. It´s great, nice photos...Much love to all of you.