11 May 2012

Seva - Feb 2012

Children's Home : Nuru Africa Home

Total children - 32 children aged between 5 and  20 years of age. 
Home Location :-Take Lower Kabete Rd from Sarit Centre, Go Past Lower Kabete Campus, KIA a drive   of about  12 km, to Kingeero Junction. Take a  a Left at this Junction drive towards Kikuyu town for a bout 2 and a half (2.5) Km from this Junction, Look for Community Fellowship Church on the Left, up the High Before getting to Muthure Shopping Center. The Children's Home is opposite the Church.

Donations from the SVSS Society is as below:-
PORRIDGE                                   3,870.00 40 PKTS
WIMBI RICE                                 3,700.00 24 KG
PISHORI JUICE                             1,880.00 20 LTRS
HIGHLANDS MANGOES                  320.00   32
MANGOES UGALI FLOUR               3,435.00 36 PKTS
PEMBE COOKING FAT                   2,780.00 20 KG
TILLY POTATOES                         1,000.00 25 KG
PENCILS                                     320.00 32 PENCILS
SWEETS                                     1,235.00 12 PACKETS 
They have a very serious school fees Challenge and they always plead with the schools for time as we await any support.

Jai Gurudev

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