26 September 2011


Jai Gurudev all,

Swamiji's visit to kenya was one of the most beautiful experiences that the devotees had and will treasure of it..

 Guruji manifested the Hiranyagarba lingam on Friday at 8pm just after the Laxmi Pooja at one of the devotees place (Rakesh's place). This has been one of the first manifestation of this kind that most of us experienced with Guruji in kenya. The whole place was filled with devotees taking darshan of the lingam, singing and chanting away..

Guruji's grace on each on of us was so beautiful that even when alot of us could not fully understand the magnitude of this manifestation, he gave everyone the opportunity to take darshan/meditate and we had the lingam for 24hours!! Thank you Guruji for the love and grace you have given all of us.

Swamiji gave a mudra course on saturday 10th septemeber at Rakesh's house. This was the first mudra workshop. The workshop had approximately 30 attendants.

On 11th september 2011, we had darshan at Ram mandir from 6pm onwards and had approximately 350 people come for Darshan. Swamiji gave a talk and thereafter started darshan.

After Darshan, Swamiji and the band were totally energised and continued singing with devotees dancing away and enjoying Gurudeva singing away..we all left the darshan hall at around past one am.

Guruji initiated one of the devotees 'Santusta' as a swami to ' Swami Vishwaramananda' on 13th September 2011 and also blessed shubhra sen to start OMH circles.

Guruji has left us all with very beautiful memories, and we all pray that his grace be upon each one of us, guiding us ..

Thank you guruji..

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